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Snapdragons Galore October 30, 2008

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   Welcome to Snapdragons Galore    

This long time favorite perennial has delighted gardners for decades.  Infact, inthe 1950’s it was one of the top five cut flowers grown in North America.

Once you plant them, you can count on many years of consistent and dependable beauty in your flower garden.

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October 30, 2008                         



The Song Of
The Snapdragon Fairy

Into the Dragon’s mouth he goes;
never afraid is he!
There’s honey within for him, he knows,
Clever old Bumble Bee!
The mouth snaps tight; he is lost to sight–
How will he ever get out?
He’s doing it backwards–nimbly too,
Though he is somewhat stout!
Off to another mouth he goes;
Never a rest has he;
He must fill his honey-bag full, he knows–
Busy old Bumble Bee!
And Snapdragon’s name is only a game–
It isn’t as fierce as it sounds;
The Snapdragon Elf is pleased as Punch
When Bumble comes on his rounds!
from “Flower Fairies of the Garden”
by Cicely Mary Barker



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